Do you know how much money you’re losing each year due to lack of proper security? Has your organization experienced:

      • Inventory shrinkage due to theft
      • Claims due to injured employees
      • Damage and loss from “smash-and-grabs”
      • Increased insurance rates
      • Lawsuits
      • Lack of customer retention
      • Or other similar expenses?

Each year, organizations lose millions of dollars unnecessarily because they do not have adequate security systems in place. But these losses can be prevented.

At P.F. Raymond, Inc., we know that security directly impacts your bottom line. We also know that no two organizations have the same security needs. That’s why we pride ourselves on our individual approach to security consulting, providing our clients with customized solutions that range from basic mechanical locking products to complex video surveillance and seismic detection systems.

Whatever your situation, P.F. Raymond, Inc. will provide a thorough, objective assessment and devise a security solution that makes sense for you.

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