Latin American Expertise

Raymond regularly consults with major U.S. retailers who wish to open stores in Latin America. He provides security-consulting services throughout 14 Latin American countries, including Nicaragua, El Salvador and Chile.

Beyond being fluent in Spanish, Raymond is intimately familiar with the local customs – customs that vary greatly not only from country to country, but region to region.

Raymond’s connections with local police departments, governmental agencies and overseas vendors enable him to offer invaluable advantages to his U.S. clients entering the Latin American market. He is able to lead clients through an otherwise confusing maze of local customs and foreign business practices.

Overseas services include:

  • Verifying reliability of local communication networks
  • Dealing with different currencies
  • Communicating through the language barrier
  • Finding the proper security dealer or dealers
  • Finding the proper central monitoring station
  • Knowing which police organization has jurisdiction authority

For domestic retailers, the Latin American market can seem like a confused maze. Those who do not know how to navigate the system can end up facing an endless stream of paperwork and government bureaucracy, being overcharged for sub-par systems, receiving shabby installation and not knowing how to choose a reliable monitoring station. All of these factors can result in loss of efficiency and productivity and a negative impact on the bottom line.

With P.F. Raymond, Inc., retailers penetrating the Latin American market can feel secure that they have an ally who knows the system looking out for their interests.

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