Other Areas of Expertise

From hotels to private yachts, P.F. Raymond, Inc. is called upon to develop sophisticated security systems for a wide range of properties throughout the world. His services are designed to help people feel secure in every environment – where they work, where they live, where they study and where they travel.

In the residential arena, Raymond is called upon by a variety of people – including major public figures and federal law enforcement personnel – who want to make sure that they and their families are safe in their home environment.

Developers of both residential condominium complexes and office buildings also turn to Raymond to provide security systems that will assist them in selling and renting units. Being able to market the safety aspect of their properties gives developers a competitive sales advantage over similar properties that cannot provide the same peace of mind.

Raymond has also secured numerous organizations in the financial services industry that rely on maintaining the informational integrity of their clients.

As we all know, airports today are the subject of intense security awareness. Raymond has consulted with numerous airports to ensure that they have the most up–to-date systems to secure both passengers and employees.

Even major universities and school systems turn to Raymond to secure their premises. With assaults and abductions capturing headlines, concerned institutions want to put parents at ease that their children will be safe when away from home in the academic environment. In addition to reducing liability risk factors, this sense of security is a value-added benefit to parents involved in deciding where their children will attend school.

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