Retail Expertise

When it comes to securing their operations, many retailers play Russian Roulette. In order to save money in the short-term, they cut security costs, leaving their operations vulnerable.

In fact, twenty-five percent of retailers have no security procedures in place.

Savvy retailers, however, understand that security should be viewed as an important contribution to the company’s bottom line.

Retailers who ignore security can end up losing millions of dollars per year in inventory shrinkage alone. Although many retailers accept this loss as “a part of doing business,” it can be greatly reduced or stopped altogether with the implementation of a proper security system.

Other losses can be even more damaging to both the retailer’s long-term profits as well as their reputation. These include lawsuits from customers who have been assaulted on the retailer’s property and employees who have faced threats during the course of their work.

No two retailers have the same security requirements, of course, and needs vary depending on the size of the store, location and clientele, along with other factors.

P.F. Raymond, Inc. has provided customized security solutions to hundreds of retailers in the United States and abroad, helping them to reduce inventory loss, decrease insurance rates and lawsuits and boost customer retention – all of which greatly impact their bottom line.

Raymond’s retail services include:

      • Consulting with the client to determine the proper level of security needed
      • Designing the entire security system
      • Choosing the appropriate monitoring station
      • Arranging for installation and servicing of systems
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